SK | 05th–06th May 2025

The fifth year of the PRO-ENERGY FORUM conference is entitled "How the European Commission will change the gas business". The conference is organized as a set of lectures and panel discussions of European gas experts. About the conference.

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About the conference

The international expert conference PRO-ENERGY FORUM is a meeting of experts of the European states gas sector, representatives of the state sector, officials of the ministries and the Government.

The conference takes place in Hotel pod Lipou in Modra, Slovakia, in 15th -16th June 2020. The primary topics are the current situation on the gas market in Europe.

The subtitle of the conference is “How will the European Commission change the gas business”

The debate of renowned experts in the form of presentations and panel discussions has the purpose to unveil clear steps and objectives of the gas sector in European and legislative context.

The conference languages are Slovak, Czech and English - interpreting to and from English will be provided.

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