Hotel pod Lipou, Modra, SK | 20-21. April 2020

The fifth edition of the PRO-ENERGY FORUM conference is entitled "How the European Commission will change the gas business". The conference is organized as a set of lectures and panel discussions of European gas experts. About the conference.

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About the conference

The PRO-ENERGY FORUM is a follow-up to conferences held in 2011-2013 in Slovakia and is a sister conference to the PRO-ENERGY CON in the Czech Republic, which this year will take a place for the eighth time.

The international conference PRO-ENERGY FORUM is a meeting of representatives and leading experts of all energy sectors. The conference offers the opportunity to exchange views and attitudes on the current energy issues with other professionals in the field and to establish new contacts in a non-formal atmosphere.

Program 2020

The conference PRO-ENERGY FORUM is a one-day international event. Two morning blocks will focus on current developments and trends in the energy sector in Slovakia. The afternoon section will then focus on wider prospects of carbon-free energy. Discussion will be held in Slovak/Czech and English (interpretation will be ensured).

The conference is hosted by ENERGY-HUB s.r.o., the publisher of the Czech and Slovak energy magazine PRO-ENERGY Magazine, together with KUVOZE - the Chamber of Users and Producers of Renewable Energy Sources.

Let’s combine a pleasant and relaxing stay in the Slovak wine region with the opportunity to meet new people and potential business partners during discussions on current energy issues!

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